Eutectic 5200

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Eutectic 5200

Product description

Model Eutectic 5200
Number of side doors  5+5
External dimensions 5200x2200x1900mm
Internal dimensions 4990x1990x1675mm
Truck Chassis  Mercedes-Benz ,Hyundai,Ford, Foton, Isuzu, Mitsubishi
Operation Tempratures  −40°C to −20°C
Condensing unit  5HP Dorin Compressor, Danfoss products, Condanser, EBM Fan
Eutectic plates Eutectic plates with zinc coated and with robotic welding(T-EFR-1670)
 Door opening / day  100+
Distribution of operation  10−12 h
Pulldown time  7−9 h (Ambient air temperature + 35°C
Body weight 750 KG without extra assembly
Internal volume 14,9 m3
Payload up to 5,000 kg

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